Donate to Ukraine

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At this moment all collected funds will be used for Humanitarian Aid for the people of Ukraine in Ukraine and Poland.

How we helped:

$10,000 donation to National Bank of Ukraine, Humanitarian Aid
For more details please download “NBU Humanitarian Aid – $10000“.

$10,000 donation to Serhiy Prytula Charity – Humanitarian Fund.
For more details please download “Prytula Charitable Foundation – $10000“.

$18,000 donation to Meest CA for Medical supplies shipment to Ukraine.

1500+ boxes of Medical Supplies delivered to Meest CA (7 deliveries)

$10,000 donation to Ukrainian Orthodox Emergency Relief Fund.

$15,000 donation to Ukrainian National Bank – Defense Fund.

$5,000 + $5,000 (donor match) donation to Polish Congress of America – Ukrainian Fund.

$3,635 – 10 Tablets were donated to Ukrainian Defense.                   

$25 000 donation to West Support Inc. in favor of TRO “Muraha” – 80 Armor Vests ($15,000), Vehicle for mobile Hospital ($7,000), Humanitarian Aid for Kharkiv ($3,000).

$7,000 donation to Heart of World – Ukraine, Transport Vehicle for Humanitarian supplies.

$2000 – 125 x Halo Chest Seal

$1160 – 100+ Water filters